The issue of holding the Asia Cup 2022 in Sri Lanka is still in great doubt. Sri Lanka was supposed to host the tournament back in 2020, but due to the pandemic, the series of competitions was postponed. Now, after 3 years of hiatus, Sri Lanka has once again taken the initiative to host the tournament on its territory. But due to the crisis and the difficult political situation, Sri Lanka may not be able to hold the Asia Cup cricket game competition. Every day there is Asia Cup 2022 news about the tournament and its venue. 

2022 Asia Cup Location

ACC have already wondered about the postponement of the tournament from Sri Lanka. After all, the island may not be able to provide the teams and the tournament with the necessary conditions for more than 16 days of matches. Now there are all signs that the tournament will be moved to the UAE. 

Asia Cup Cricket 2022 News

Sri Lanka, under pressure from the government, decided to host the tournament some time ago. However, the political and economic situation on the island has worsened and worsened in recent weeks. After all, the president of the country fled, a new president was elected in a short time. However, rallies and unrest in society continue. Such conditions can disrupt the tournament. 

Fans were waiting for new announcements about the tournament and its venue, waiting for changes. However, the PCB published an announcement in which it noted: 

“Sri Lanka is our first preference to support and host the Asia Cup. It would be a major sporting and economical loss for Sri Lanka if this competition did not take place there …” 

At the moment, the Australian match visit to Sri Lanka has been successful. The tournament management team is seriously monitoring the situation.

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