The Asia Cup 2022 is a big event that will bring together the best cricket teams in one tournament this year. After a long break of 4 years, the Asia Cup has returned to the world of sports, and this year it will be held in Sri Lanka.

At the moment, the venue of the tournament is assigned to Sri Lanka. Back in 2020, the island was supposed to become the host of the tournament, but due to the pandemic and other problems it was postponed. At the moment, Sri Lanka has a very difficult economic and political situation, which may make it difficult to hold the tournament. Since the president of the country recently fled, a new one was chosen by the people, but anxiety in society is still growing. If the situation continues to deteriorate, the tournament will be moved to the UAE. 

Asia Cup Cricket 2022 Schedule

This year’s tournament will be held in the T20 format. Since after the Asia Cup, sports clubs will also participate in the World Cup and they need more time and effort to prepare. 

6 teams will participate in the Asia Cup 2022, 5 of which have already been determined: India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. However, the team will be determined after the qualification matches. The tournament will start on August 27 and will run until September 11. 

The Indian team is the leader in the history of the tournament. And this year India is also in the leading position, having beaten Bangladesh in the last round. Many fans are waiting for the clash of the two most interesting teams in the India – Pakistan match. Pakistan defeated India in 2021. This year, teams will be able to determine who is stronger. 

The teams have yet to be divided into groups for the tournament. Official information on this matter has not yet been published. However, the Sri Lankan media provided some information about the alleged division into groups. Group 1: Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan. Group 2: India, Pakistan, Qualification Team. 

The full Asia Cup 2022 cricket schedule of matches has not yet been officially published. However, the India-Pakistan match will be held on August 28. Follow the news, news about the Asia Cup 2022 appears every day.




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