After a long break of 3 years, the Asia Cup will be held this year in UAE. The last Asia Cup was held back in 2018, after which it was postponed due to coronavirus and other problems. In 2022, the most famous sports teams in the world will play at the Asia Cup. 

The tournament will be held in the T20 format. The Asia Cup 2022 cricket team list has 6 teams that will take part in the tournament: India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. 

Another team will join the tournament after the qualifying round. The remaining team will reserve their place in the qualification round. Below we will look at the Asia Cup 2022 teams that will take part in this competition. 


India is the most successful team in the history of the tournament. In 2018, the Indian team won the leading position and took first place at the Asia Cup. And also in the 2022 season, India holds the leading position, having beaten Bangladesh in the previous cricket match. All the fans of the team are waiting for the legendary India – Pakistan match, which will be held on August 28. 

Sri Lanka 

This year Sri Lanka is the host of the Asia Cup cricket and all matches will be held on its territory. Datsun Shanaka, Sri Lanka’s cricket captain, is also likely to lead the team at the 2022 Asia Cup. The full roster of the players has not yet been published. 


In 2022, the Afghan team rightfully took its place in the tournament. Mohammad Nabi, who is the present skipper of Afghanistan in the shortest format, might lead the team in Asia Cup as well. The schedule of matches and the composition of the teams has also not yet been published. 


At the Asia Cup in 2022, India will take revenge against Pakistan. Since Pakistan won India in 2021 and held a leading position. This season, you can count on hot and interesting matches. For Pakistan, Babar Azam is their all-format skipper currently. He will lead the team in the tournament. 


The Bangladesh team has undergone some changes in its composition over the past year and has changed the captain. Recently, Mahmudullah led the team in a T20I series against West Indies. It is unclear how effective these changes were. Participation in the Asian Cup 2022 will be able to rally the team and show the results of the new squad. 


All the teams of the tournament are worthy rivals, whose clashes were expected by many fans. After a long break, the teams at the Asia Cup 2022 will be able to show new legendary events. The schedule and the full composition of the teams are not yet known but will be published soon. Stay tuned for new announcements about the Asia Cup 2022.

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