There is some exciting news for Indian football fans as the FIFA Technical Development Division has picked the All India Football Federation (AIFF) to host the Coach Educator Development Pathway Project this year.

What Is the Coach Educator Development Pathway Project 2022?

It is an Education programme for coaches of FIFA’s member associations, and it will consist of activities like online and on-site modules, e-learning and mentoring on an individual basis. It will help the coach educators with further opportunities to grow and enhance their knowledge and skills.

Who Will Lead the Project?

A total of 25 Coach educators have been picked by the AIFF to be a part of this project. The project will be led by three individuals — Mr. Mohammed Basir, Senior Manager of FIFA Coaching Development, FIFA Technical Expert Mr Mohammad Bassem, and Director of Coach Education in AIFF Mr Savio Medeira.

What Are the Different Phases of the Project?

Having already completed the e-learning module in September, the 25 Coach educators will be seen taking part in the online module from October 3 to 18. The on-site module will take place in Goa after that from November 1 to 5. In Goa, the coach educators will be given a chance to demonstrate and apply what they learnt during the e-learning and online phases of the project.

Who Are the 25 Coach Educators Selected by the AIFF?

Mariano Dias, Shekhar Kalu Kenkar, Sajid Dar, Shakti Chauhan, Caetano Pinho, Shailesh Karkera, Prashant Singh, Anjana Shivaji Turambekar, Raghuvir Pravin Khanolkar, Kundan Chandra, Derryl Dsouza, Altafuddin Ahmed Syed, Shafeeq Hassan Madathil, Luis Mario Aguiar, Shakti Singh, Deepak CM, Vivek Nagul, Jeddy John Almeida, Pradhyum Reddy, Uttam Singh Negi, John Kenneth Raj, Gumpe Rime, Joshua Stan Vaz, Dinesh Nair, Parthasarathy Thulasi.

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