After a long break of 4 years, the Asia Cup will be held this year in UAE. The 15th cricket tournament will begin on August 27 and last until September 11. After a long break in the Asia Cup, many fans are eager to attend the matches this year. 

Where Can I Buy Tickets for the Tournament? 

The purchase of tickets for the Asia Cup 2022 became available on August 15th. Tickets for the tournament can be viewed and purchased on various ticket aggregator sites, such as Ticket sales are already taking place on the website and you can get acquainted with all the relevant information about tickets on the website. 

How Do I Purchase a Ticket

If you want to buy tickets for the Asia Cup 2022, then the instructions for purchasing tickets, which are listed below, may be useful to you: 

1) Go to the official website. 

2) Register on the site using the available options (Google account or Facebook are the most common). 

3) Enter your country code and phone number. 

4) Find the Asia Cup in the dialog box or manually search by the calendar parameter, otherwise, you can find tickets for the Asia Cup 2022 in the “TOP EVENT” category. 

5) Select the stadium you want to go to. 

6) After selecting the stadium, the site will take you to a new page. Here you can read the rules and if you agree, click on the “buy a ticket” button below. 

7) Now it remains to choose the match you want to go to and the seats in the stadium. 

8) Select the payment method and confirm the transaction. 

9) Now wait until the transaction is completed. 

10) Save or print the ticket in a PDF file. 


Ready! You have purchased your ticket for the 2022 Asia Cricket Cup and now you can enjoy the tournament! 

Please note that there may be a virtual queue to buy tickets for a certain match, so there could be an additional waiting time. However, it shouldn’t be too long.

If you have any problems on the site, you can always contact customer support on the site. 


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