The Commonwealth Games are international multisport competitions that are held every 4 years. In terms of the number of participants and the volume of performances, they are second only to the Summer Olympics. Doubtless, The Commonwealth Games are one of the most important elements in sports and cultural relations between members of the concord.

The games are attended by 4500+ athletes from Commonwealth member states, including India. A total of 72 countries take part in this glorious event. Date: July 28 to August 8, 2022. The main feature of the Commonwealth Games is the variety of disciplines. The list includes the following sports:

  • Athletics 
  • Diving 
  • Swimming 
  • Badminton 
  • Table tennis 
  • Triathlon 
  • Weightlifting 
  • Powerlifting 
  • Wrestling 
  • Basketball 
  • Boxing 
  • Cycling 
  • Gymnastics 
  • Judo
  • Ice hockey 
  • Bowles 
  • Netball 
  • Rugby 
  • Squash 

A special schedule has been prepared for all teams participating in the games. Each member should score as many points as possible to achieve a better reward. As in the Olympic Games, medals are awarded to the winners from each Nation. A medalist can receive a Gold, Silver, or a Bronze medal.

As for fixtures, all the latest news will be uploaded daily, so every viewer can easily follow it 24/7. Live statistics is also available – visit the official website of CWG and go to the Stats section to find out more! 

Which Country Hosts Commonwealth Games 2022?

The Commonwealth Games are held in Birmingham, England. Thousands of musicians and dancers participated in the opening of the Games. Magnificent scenery, countless costumes, and multi-colored spotlights were prepared for this world-famous event.

CWG 2022

Key Opening Moments. CWG 2022  

The scale of the performances during the opening is hard to describe in words. Dozens of bands:

  • The ceremony began with a parade of cars that formed the British flag.
  • Shortly after that, the Prince of Wales, accompanied by the Duchess of Cornwall, represented the Queen at the Alexander Stadium in Birmingham. 
  • The Earl and Countess of Wessex also attended.
  • Next, the local philharmonic orchestra performed and a parade of athletes took place. 
  • On 29 July 2022, The Earl and Countess of Wessex, Princess Anne, and Vice Admiral Sir Tim Lawrence attended a Men’s Sevens rugby match on the first day of the 2022 Commonwealth Games at Coventry Stadium in Coventry.

India at CWG 2022. Some Facts About Commonwealth Games India Presence

India is a rightful participant in CWG 2022. Its team includes 210 athletes that are competing in 16 different disciplines. During the opening, the flag of India was carried by Manpreet Singh and P. V. Sindhu.

The Indian athletes are expected to put up a good fight against other teams as they have often outperformed opponents in previous games.

CWG 2022

Why Were the Commonwealth Games Created?

The Commonwealth Games is one of the most important elements in sports and cultural relations between members of the Commonwealth. 

The prototype of the future Games arose in 1911 when the Games of the British Empire were organized in honor of the coronation of King George V. Those games included boxing, wrestling, swimming, and athletics competitions, in which Canada, Australia, and South Africa participated.

In 1928, the Canadian sport reporter M. Robinson suggested holding the Games of the British Empire. The idea was successfully supported, and already in 1930, the first sports competitions were held in Canadian Hamilton. The following Games were held every four years between the Olympics, interrupted only during the Second World War.

Over time, many colonies and dominions gained independence, and the Commonwealth of Nations itself was reformed, so the official name of the competition has been changed.

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